Why trust a cannoli artist?

In case you’re wondering why I’m knowledgeable enough to judge the magnificence of cannoli, I have outlined just a few of my qualifications below.

  • I am aware that cannolo is the singular form of cannoli. But I love hearing people call them cannolis. I also like it when people say fishes, deers, gooses, and feets.
  • I own the Godfather trilogy, as well as Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale, and miscellaneous other mobster classics. I quote them far more than I should for a girl my age.
  • I’m Neopolitan (best pizza ever) and Sicilian (birthplace of granita/Italian ice).
  • I exclusively bring pastry desserts to dinner parties.
  • I know all of the words to “On An Evening in Roma” and several other Dean Martin songs.
  • I first learned to make tiramisu using raw eggs.
  • The only food I love more than cannoli is manicotti. Ironic that both of them are tubular.
  • I know someone who is actually named Guido.

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