First Stop on a Long Voyage

I have just finished my search for the best cannoli in Northern Virginia. In this post, I could tell you the name of the little, wonderful place that creates the sweetest tube of magnificence in a 10-mile radius, but it doesn’t seem fair to just tell you right now after I’ve spent months on a long, arduous journey filled with calories and wasted money. I want you to emerge with me on this foodie trip wiping powdered sugar from your face too. So let’s be dessert snobs together and review the first place I stopped!

Jimmy’s NY Pizza located in Sterling, VA


  • Price: $3.50
  • Appearance of shell: Darker in color than usual (maybe added some cocoa or cinnamon?)
  • Texture of shell: Nice and flaky, despite the fact that it was swimming in chocolate syrup. Tasted fresh.
  • Taste of shell: Pleasant hint of almond.
  • Texture of filling: Smooth and creamy, consistency is too thin and seems more like sour cream, appears to be more processed than the real deal.
  • Taste of filling: Perhaps a little too sweet/not cheesy enough, generous amount of chocolate chips (thankfully not hard or crunchy).
  • Toppings: Powdered sugar and chocolate syrup.


  • Additional note: I have never seen anyone pour chocolate syrup ON TOP of this dessert before (sure you see it garnished on a plate in a restaurant, but I ordered this as a carryout item). Very bizarre to see, awkward to eat, and it masks the flavor too much. It also has the potential of making the crust pretty soggy if you don’t eat it quickly.

Everyone has different factors for deciding what makes one thing better than another. For me, if cannoli aren’t filled all the way through with cream, they are not worth the money or calories. It’s a sin to recommend half empty cannoli to your friends. And this one was EXTREMELY lacking in that department. Everyone knows cannoli shells aren’t supposed to be filled with air. Therefore, this is sadly not the best cannoli in Northern Virginia. Shucks, I was really hoping to hit the goldmine on my first stop.


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