I’ll Take the Cannoli!

We all know the saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” And I suppose there is more than one way, but who in their right mind really wants to list out all the various methods? Perhaps a freaky combination of Forrest Gump and Ed Gein?

My point is it’s about time someone revamps this old, twisted saying. And I have just the right one: “There’s more than one way to make cannoli.”

Growing up in an Italian home and gorging on pastries at every family function, I have learned that there is more than one approach to creating cannoli. Sure, they all look the same — just a cylindrical pastry filled with cream. But I’m about to prove to you that there isn’t just one way to prepare quite possibly the most delicious dessert paired with espresso. How will you support this statement, you ask? Well, I intend to say, “I’ll take the cannoli” every single time I see it offered on a menu, be it a local pizza place or a national chain. Then I will appraise it. Hopefully by the end of my cannoli expedition, anyone in the Northern Virginia area will be able to find a place that offers the most holy cannoli that makes them feel like they just bought them at Ferrara Bakery in NYC (bakery  site is linked below – you can actually order from them, which is a fantastic feature if you’re as addicted to their soft pignoli cookies as I am).


So let’s start judging a cannolo by its shell. Oh yeah, and leave the gun in the car.

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